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Lookbook Love: Nasty Gal’s Spring 2013 Collection

Nasty Gal has launched their Spring 2013 collection and its lookbook. This is the description: “Beach goes beyond the outer limits of cool with sport-meets-space influence”. I think it’s their boldest collection yet. It’s a combination of 90s, sportswear, scuba, neon, and reflection print trends sprinkled with a hint of seapunk. It’s what Zenon would wear to the beach. Nasty Gal is one of the few websites that take their product development to the next level with bold and daring collections. Unfortunately the prices are above my budget but I hope the collection does well.

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I also love everything else. The setting is very beachy, with pastel and aqua backgrounds (and the mirror puddle!) which serves as great contrast for the collection’s neon, baby blue, peach, white, and black palette. Major thumbs up for the styling team which used white and iridescent accessories AND those cool geo-print caps.

Overall, it’s a great lookbook to look at BUT I still think Pop Rocks is their best work this year, aesthetically speaking of course. What do you think of Nasty Gal’s Spring 2013 collection lookbook? Tell me below.

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