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Festival Wear Inspiration (part deux): Free People’s April Catalog

I would like to begin this post by thanking the talented and very brilliant people from Pinterest for getting me out of my slump and inspiring me with brainstorming three posts in one day. This is the second of said posts. The first one was the perforated handbag extravaganza from Monday. I love you Pinterest people, whoever you are. I will pin a picture of some very delicious looking cupcakes for you.

I would also like to thank you dear reader because the blog is growing, you can’t see it but it is. The viewership has increased tremendously compared to this time last year. And it seems that “big people” are noticing, because I got a press release email yesterday. That email made me feel like a serious music journalist (the press release was music related). So once again, thank you for your support. And I hope to start doing giveaways this year so stay tuned. I’ll pin a tres leches for you!

Now back to the post. Hot damn! Have you guys seen the Free People Catalog for April? It’s insane! The theme seems to be a mix of road trip with festival. Maybe it’s a road trip to a festival and back!  Makes sense, right. Of course! Okay, so I decided to post some photos from it. I like to think that I was an executioner in one of my past lives, so I decided to cut off a lot of the models’ heads off for this. BTW no models were harmed during the creation of this post. I really like this catalog. The pictures and looks are very inspiring so I decided to not post any links. Just breathe, take it all in and see what you come up with using the stuff from your closet. Festival wear is easy, you wear the crappiest looking clothes you have and “pimp my ride” it minus the pimping and the “my ride”. Get creative and look for some DIY. Pinterest is awesome for this and of course our old friend YouTube can help you out too. Last year I posted a simple denim vest DIY. This year I’m wanna do a DIY Indian headdress!! Have you seen those things? They cost $438 in Free People. What. The. Feathereck. I’ll do one for way less than that. And I’ll show it to you, I promise. Oh and I got a feeling that the ankle party is gonna be the new arm party so get some anklets while they’re still cheap. ENJOY!

Hubba hubba pantalones

I’m going crazy with those printed pantalones. Hubba hubba!!

If you want to see more from this catalog click HERE.

What are your thoughts on Free People’s April catalog? Super hot? Super expensive? Just right? Sound off below!!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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