Lady Goodman is a Puerto Rican blog (created in September of 2010 until January of 2013 as Pink Wedges) that focuses on fashion, travel, art, food and music. I write about high end fashion as inspiration to use in buying/wearing more affordable garments. I support local businesses and creativity. I write about local and non local bands that I love. The language of the blog has changed. It started as a Spanish blog, then bilingual, and now just English.

Why Lady Goodman?

Why not? The name Lady Goodman comes from the film “Almost Famous”. Lady Goodman is Kate Hudson’s character’s real name. She’s known throughout the film as Penny Lane which comes from a Beatles’ song so her real name remains a mystery during most of the film.

Here are a few things about me, Sheyla:

  • I’m 33 years old but can pass as a tired 26 year old.
  • Born & raised on the West coast of Puerto Rico. Currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Currently working in Digital Marketing.
  • Majored in Math with a concentration in Education.
  • Learned to speak English by watching TV. I was about 4 or 5 years old. First time I visited the states was in 2008 (I was 21). Lesson from this: TV doesn’t rot your brain, it enhances it.
  • I’m not wealthy nor have a trust fund so if you’re looking for a photo blog of someone wearing designer garments, you’re in the wrong blog. I do feature designer garments as sources of inspiration but I don’t wear high end designers (unless it’s vintage).

For reviews, interviews and collaboration proposals, please contact: ladygoodmanblog@gmail.com




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