Door to Door Snapper

My trip to Palm Springs coincided with Modernism Week, an annual event that celebrates the city’s unique midcentury architecture and design. One of the events that caught my attention was the Palm Springs Door Tour. It’s a very simple concept. You go to the “base camp/starting point” (Which was the colorful Saguaro Hotel), check-in, get your map of the houses featured on the tour and go on your way either by bike or car.

It’s a beautiful ride around some of Palm Spring’s most photogenic neighborhoods and you’ll notice that some houses that aren’t featured on the tour have doors that are even more beautiful that the ones that are. There are 3 iconic doors on the tour: The Pink Door (#thatpinkdoor), the Moroccan house door, and the Yellow Door (#thatyellowdoor). There was a tiffany blue door that I think was BEAUTIFUL and huge and should be the most iconic of all.

One of the things that I love the most about the tour and Palm Springs is how the citizens protect the original design of the houses and businesses. If you drive around the city, you’ll see a KFC and Panda Express inside buildings that remain untouched on the outside and don’t follow these brands’ structural guidelines and that’s great. I wish more cities that have historic architecture were this protective over buildings.

So, if you ever get a chance to visit Palm Springs during Modernism Week (And you’re a color/design freak), the door tour is a can’t miss. Be sure to follow @palmspringsstyle on Instagram since they’re the organizers of this tour and know everything that’s cool when it comes to events and places to be visit in Palm Springs.

So, which door is your favorite? Tell me on the comments!

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