Color times X

Lately I’ve been intrigued by pieces that carry two plus colors.

The inspiration for this post is Amazon Prime Video’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Finished season 3 last week. If you grew up with Gilmore Girls, love comedy, vintage fashion and haven’t watched this show yet, then what are you waiting for?

There’s a scene where Susie, Mrs. Maisel’s manager, played by the amazing Alex Borstein, is walking around at Shy Baldwin’s party in a very swanky townhouse and among the guests in the background there was this woman with a gorgeous two-tone dress. Two-tone isn’t a new trend (Obviously, this show is based in the late 50s/early 60s) but it’s been making the rounds once again this spring/summer season.

Phoebe Philo started the resurgence of the trend with mismatched shoes with Céline back in 2016 but I think that the “cool” factor of having two different single-colored shoes fizzles out too quickly, so I’ve found some great pairs of shoes that give you the two-tone cool without the “Hey, your shoes don’t match!” out on the street. Or maybe they will still shout but it doesn’t matter because you’ll look great.

Here are the two-tone styles I’m currently loving and seriously considering buying them even if it’s to wear in the backyard.

Balance by Paloma Wool

source: Paloma Wool

These Yin-Yang leather sandals are winners and will be worn by all the cool girls for the following reasons:

  • The black and white makes them super easy to style.
  • They will be a conversation starter that might complicate the social distancing when walking down the street.
  • They will be a conversation starter when you share your first Instagram #shoefie wearing them.
  • Better have that pedicure appointment set.

Lenu by Charlotte Stone

I love Lenu because she’s comes in 3 different styles that represent 3 different tiers or game levels:

Tier 1 is Sunset, the Lenu with training wheels if you’re looking for something subtle yet cute.

Tier 2 is Tropical, the right amount of colors, 4 to be exact, the right amount of bold and just right all around. That’s why it’s RIGHT in the middle. Wrong doesn’t exist where there’s so much right. I’m done!

Tier 3 is the Katie Kortman, the 10-colored spectacle that makes you fall in love at first sight… if you’re the kind of gal that falls in love with funky chic multicolored shoes, like myself.

So, where on the Lenu Color Spectrum are you? Or do you prefer the simply zen vibes from Paloma Wool’s Ying-Yang sandals? Got more two-tone styles to talk about?

Let me know in the comments below!

Take care,

–  S

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