Sunday Best Vol. 2

This edition of Sunday best is all about denim. Scrolling through my IG feed I found this 70s inspired photo featuring the Blue Jean Baby Denim Jumpsuit from Stoned Immaculate.

“Crafted from the finest  recycled salvage Italian denim so it’ll only get better with time, and contrast paneling with french seams to highlight your best assets. This baby zips up for easy access and fits like a dream.”

I love 70s style so when I saw this jumpsuit on my feed I literally gasped. My favorite details are the flared hem and the contrast paneling. I’m a contrast lover and I’m in love with the back detail. It’s very flattering jumpsuit but I would love to see this on a curvy figure.

At $295 it’s on the expensive side of denim jumpsuits (to me) but unlike the last edition of Sunday Best, I would seriously consider purchasing this jumpsuit, especially with the afterpay option and I don’t have a lot denim so I would wear the crap out of this jumpsuit.

So what do you think of the Blue Jean Baby Denim Jumpsuit? How would you style it? Tell me on the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Best Vol. 2

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