Weekend Look

Weekend Look: #SXSW2013

It’s that time again when hipsters from around the world flock to Austin, Texas. Can you smell the jealousy exuding through the screen? I can’t because I got used to it. I’ve been wanting to go to SXSW for years but the financial situation in my wallet is not the best so I’ll put it in the imaginary dream trips folder for one more year. For this special edition of Weekend Look, I created a look inspired by this very cool festival that I might attend some time in my life, hopefully before I’m middle aged and pre-menopausal (is that even a word?). So pray for me chimichurri Pope, because I won’t.

*Click on your favorite pieces and watch the magic happen! P.S. It’s magical!*


Images via Nasty Gal

What are your thoughts on the look? Would you wear it?  Which one of the pieces above is your favorite? Are you going to Austin this weekend? Tell me below!

Share your thoughts please.

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