Lookbook Love

Lookbook Love: Wasteland’s Gypsy Underground

It’s already March so everyone and their mommy are releasing their lookbooks. I get it. It’s almost Spring, festivals are happening and it’s only the beginning. It seems that most are going for the festival vibe for March. It makes sense ALTHOUGH one website’s lookbook looks anything but festival inspiring and I dig it. More on that later on in the week; maybe Saturday? Since I posted about Free People last week, I was thinking about posting Urban Outfitters’ recent lookbook “On the Road”. It looks great, you should check it out. Since I’ve been busy with work and once I see another blogger posting about something that I was thinking about posting, I chose not to post about it (that’s three posts and two ings). You see, when I see something on a blog I get turned off it faster than you can say “geriatric nude beach”. Think about it for a minute. Good.

So I found the kaleidoscopic boho inspired “Gypsy Underground” lookbook from Wasteland. They’re smart peeps. They got on the iridescent train in a great way and with no iridescent product in sight (except these sweet pants which are¬† metallic, not iridescent), but with photography. Wasteland’s photo editing is always impressive. It makes you look at the picture as a whole and THEN at the clothes. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I like it. And a thing is better than no thing.

Images via Wasteland’s Facebook. You should like them if you haven’t. They got good shet over there.

The lookbook consists of key pieces for the festival season. “Like what?” Well I’m glad you asked. Graphic tees, vintage tees, statement jewelry, embroidered cutoff shorts, dip-dyed cutoff shorts, shagalagadingdong fur coats, fringe, flower crowns, studded boots, cropped bustiers, denim jackets, maxi dresses and much much more. Wasteland did a solid round up and I salute them. If only it was affordable for my lil’ ol’ wallet *tear*. Wasteland also gets a tip of the flower crown for their styling (I mean, granny panties over silver pants?! Come on, that’s amazeballs!) and their kaleidoscope concept.

What are your thoughts on Gypsy Underground? Do you find it as inspiring as I do? Tell me below.

Here’s a song. Just because.

Share your thoughts please.

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