Weekend Look

Weekend Look: Corona Pro Surf Weekend Edition

This weekend looks really good over here at the west, which means that little ol’ Rincón is going to be more insane than the usual. The Corona Pro Surfing Contest is happening this weekend at Domes Beach, Rincón Town, “Porro” Rico. That means that lots of people are to heading to the beach and most importantly, the night life is going to be awesome. I’m not going to Rincón during the daytime this weekend because I have a life (translation: work, school and blog and don’t have a life after all) but hopefully I’m going out tonight and tomorrow though I’m not 100% sure. Anyways, I’ve decided to create a Weekend Look inspired by this awesome event that happens every year yet I’ve only gone once in 2008. It was fun though.

Weekend-Look-Corona-Surf-RinconImages via Nasty Gal

Let me begin by saying that Puerto Rico’s average temperatures are in the 80s and that this is an outfit that I would wear if I left to party hard at 4pm to come back home at 4am. Okay then, as you can see it’s fresh and bold, just like Rincón, right?

Lets start clockwise from the top. I went with the Dolce Vita Izara sandals since there’s little chance of sitting down because every alcohol/food selling establishment is going to be full. These babes are so perfectly chic and comfy. I chose the Dark Crystal Locket necklace so the top doesn’t look too “naked”. Just mesh up top doesn’t work for me and I’m more of a necklace person. Speaking of mesh, check out that Time Out mesh tee. I love it but it looks dangerous. Perhaps I love it because it looks dangerous? Hmmm. If you have big boobs don’t buy it because people will see them. But if you’re into that then go for it. Who am I to tell you what to buy and what not to buy?! BUT I feel that wearing it with a bralet or a bandeau will ruin it and that’s why it’s a dangerous top.

Moving on to the Bright Future shades, I mean, come on, look at them. They’re shades that are not black but yellow, and are awesome and only $18US. I think that’s enough so lets continue with the Blue Crush skirt. I LOVE that skirt. I want to be that skirt’s bitch. It’s the first piece that I saw when I was thinking of the Weekend Look post and thought: “THIS is THE most perfect skirt to wear to Rincón this weekend!”. It has waves in it! WAVES! Waves. I finished the look with the very bold Hot Fuse clutch with a detachable chain strap.

Personally, I would wear this look (obviously). I like bold accessories and I am madly in love with that skirt. The mesh tee is perfect for warm weather, especially after sunset because mesh tan lines would look weird, like mutated Rhys Ifans in The Amazing Spiderman weird. You do not want to look like that.

So tell me, what do you think of the look? Would you wear it or not? Which is your favorite piece? Are you going to Rincón this weekend? Write to me below!

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