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Shoesday Tuesday: Some Magesteec Shoes for Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve done a shoe post and I just can’t go on with my life without doing one for you. This week I decided to go with something that’s perfect for the upcoming warm seasons yet affordable. Steve Madden is a pretty successful shoe brand, yet I’ve never owned a pair of said brand. Why? Don’t know. The shoes are attractive and they’re pretty affordable but I haven’t taken some time to think why I don’t have a pair of SMs in my closet. But right now I don’t need new pairs of shoes; I’ve got enough thank you. Now back to today’s pair. I found these Steve Madden Magestees while perusing on the internet. These crocheted strap espadrilles will look perfect with just about anything while giving your outfit an automatic spring/summer upgrade. I like them and would totally buy them, but I already have my espadrilles for this season. Yet I approve of them if you’re interested.

1. Magestee in Black

2. Magestee in Coral

3. Magestee in Khaki

4. Magestee in Natural

What do you think of the Magestee? Interesting or blah? Sound off below!!

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Till the next post!!

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