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Festival wear inspiration: Free People’s March Catalog

I’ve written about festival fashion before and it’s been well received by readers (Thanks!!). I’ve decided to update festival wear by showing you the ultimate, most amazing, desired, almost orgasmic festival wear buffet I’ve seen: the Free People March ’12 catalog. The catalog was shot on location in Vietnam, which is a great and exotic background for the colorful garments and the Caucasian models. It looks like the theme was alternative Spring Break, so I forgive you FP. The catalog has it all: fringe, bold neon colors, flower crowns, large amounts of bracelets, sandals, maxis, shorts, crossbody bags, and even a lace raincoat (best idea ever) just in case. It’s beautiful, I love it! It’s also a little over my price range, but if you can afford some of these garments go for it! Below are some pics of my favorite garments from the catalog. Enjoy!

What I want, nay, NEED from the catalog:

Floral Braided Headress

Fiesta Mini Dress

Printed Lace Raincoat

Fringe Halter Top

Fringe Printed One Piece

Wandering Star Dress

Polka Dot Romper

Avalon Sandal

Brisbane Hurache

For more pictures from the catalog click here!

So what are your thoughts on these garments? Would you wear them for festivals and other warm weather events? Sound off below!!

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Till the next post!!

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