Music Monday: Grimes

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If there is anyone that’s getting a shitload of buzz this month it has been Canadian sensation Grimes. This girl has been EVERYWHERE. NRMAL Festival in Mexico and SXSW are some of the venues she has played in this past month. This summer she’ll be playing at Pitchfork Festival (“how surprising!”) in Chicago. I love everything about her. Her voice is what gets people’s attention since it’s so high pitched, childish, nasal, and it sounds like she has a lisp. Her style is electronic and her sound reminds me of another awesome (and underrated) Canadian act, grandfathers of industrial Skinny Puppy. Is Grimes a modern and light, more poppy less gory, one woman show version of Skinny Puppy? I like to think so. Anything that makes me think of Skinny Puppy deserves a thumbs up in my book. For your viewing and listening pleasure, here are not one or two but three videos from Grimes. The first one is her most recent single “Oblivion” from her new album “Visions”, then there’s “Vanessa” from her album “Dark Bloom” , and last but not least her performance of “Vanessa” from NRMAL  Festival. She lost some (or all) of her gear during her flight to Mexico for NRMAL but I read that she managed to put on a good show despite the inconveniences (good for her). And as a bonus, my favorite Skinny Puppy song: “Chainsaw”. Enjoy!

So what are your thoughts on Grimes? You like or you pass? Sound off below and try to have a great week. Do it for me, please?

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Music Monday: Grimes

  1. Not only that. Ministry alao influenced NIN a lot. May I suggest to check out the following artists as well? Cabaret Voltaire, SPK, Throbbing Gristle, Killing Joke, Big Black, The Normal, Einstirzende Neubauten, among others.

  2. Your review is spot on and glad to know there are people aware of skinny puppy and their influences. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! Skinny Puppy is a great and unique band. A lot of people think that NIN started the whole industrial movement but a lot of their first shows were while opening for Skinny Puppy.

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