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Splurges and Steals: Perforated Handbags

Hey guys! As you’ve noticed from the spring runways of September, sportswear is IN. One of the types of accessories leading this trend are those of the perforated kind. Perforated shoes and handbags are popping up everywhere and I got some great handbag options for you ranging from high end impossible prices, you know the kind of buy that will leave you broke, hungry, and slightly insane for one or two months to the type of buys that will make you throw your hat up in the air a la Mary Tyler Moore. So check these perforated babies out!

Burberry Perforated Leather Bowling Bag

Stella McCartney bags (From left to right): Woven Faux Leather Shoulder Bag and Woven Faux Leather Clutch.

Alexander Wang (From left to right): Perforated Leather Backpack and the Rafael Bag.

From left to right: Mason Perforated Mini Bag in Bone from Fossil and White Perforated Crossbody Bag from Topshop.

Tan Perforated Crossbody Bag from Topshop

So what do you think? Will you say yes to the perforated accessory trend or will you tell it to go perforate itself? Sound off below and have a perforating great week!!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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5 thoughts on “Splurges and Steals: Perforated Handbags

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    • That’s good to know Carly. I’m not a big fan either but the sportswear inspired accessories are pretty cool. It’s always a good choice to try a trend out with small things like accessories. Thanks for commenting!

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