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Cupid’s Arrow

Today’s Daily Prompt: It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

I can’t recall when I first saw you, but I remember how I felt. Chills traveled up and down my spine. I was shaking and found it hard to control myself. Even my heart started beating a little faster, and the air felt thinner. This happened every time I saw you.



“I don’t know what I’d do if I never have you”.

Was what I said to myself whenever I laid eyes upon you. It wasn’t easy having to deal with the fact that I might just never have you for myself. I started to plan ways to get you. I began by being nice to your parents, the gatekeepers of all that is holy and precious in my life, you. They liked me, they were happy with me. I was ecstatic. But still, that wasn’t enough.

Days passed, followed by months. Sleep was hard to come by sometimes. I wasn’t eating well either. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I couldn’t accept that I was never going to have you, feel you close to me, caress you, love you. I would see you from afar and every time that happened, the hope that I would have you began to diminish.

The rest of my lovers were jealous and praying that you would never fall into my arms. They KNEW that if you were ever mine, that their place in my heart would become smaller or even seize to exist. I felt so hopeless that when I remember those moments that I had that feeling (like now that I’m writing this for you to see), I would sigh so loud that I would wake my lovers up. They knew what I was thinking about, they weren’t happy, but you could see their mischievous smirks. You were an impossible… until November came along.

Something amazing happened. You finally noticed me and how I felt for you. And you realized that you felt the same way too! You knew that I would give you a great home with lots of love and respect. And after careful consideration, you finally said yes. You were finally mine.

I would have to defend you from my lovers for some time but I know that you will grow on them just like you grew on me when I first saw you. And you did. Now we’re happy and despite my lingering eye I’ve been able to control myself because I have you.

There’s a quote that I like to use every now and then: “Good things come to those who wait”. Some people disagree and argue with me because of it. I don’t waste my time arguing with them because I know it’s true. Because I waited for you. Because I now have you. Because I love you.


And because you love me too, despite all my lovers and the fact that you live with them. It seems we have our very own bizarre love triangle, or polygon would be more like it.

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