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A Look Back at February 2013

Oh Life:


True Story

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February is the month of expectation followed by disappointment. Everyone knows that. I wasn’t in a relationship but unfortunately I had to go through the expectation/disappointment cycle once again and in the worst area possible which is when it comes to employment. Jobs aren’t boyfriends. You actually need a job to live or get by. Boyfriends don’t pay you on the 15th and 30th, right? Unless you actually work for your boyfriend and not in a pimp-hooker kind of way.

My experience in trying to get the job that I don’t have was very similar to starting a relationship with a man. From the miscommunications, to the “I’m kinda busy so I’ll be late” to the “I’ll call you on Monday (then Friday and then never, I’m busy)” and then the silence. I felt like the delusional dater. The girl that thinks that she’s in a relationship and that the guy is in love with her but obviously he just wanted to get laid and he never called her again.

But this is worse than that. This is a job, in social media nonetheless, and was probably going to be the start of an actual career. It was a big deal to me because I’d be getting paid to do something that I enjoy doing for free which is create content while learning about marketing, becoming a better professional, and actually becoming part of a team. To help my family with their bills and have a little left for me and my shit. Well, shit happens.


Numbers and Blogs:

On a more positive note, I published 10 posts this month (not including this one) which is less than January but in terms of views, February surpassed January by approximately 9%. February 2013 views increased approximately 63.4% from February 2012 and 227.6% from February 2011. I think this might be an example of quality over quantity (I hope). Thanks for taking some of your time to stop by my little piece of internet real estate this month. You deserve an air kiss *muah!*.

During “Valentine’s week” I published some pretty strong and entertaining posts that got a lot of attention from readers that belong in different niches. I remember writing that I wanted to write more personal (but not too personal) things to give the blog some much needed edge and depth because lets face it: Fashion blogs are shallow as f#*k. The personal and unfiltered posts were well received so thank you.

Top 5 Most viewed February posts

  1. Lookbook Love: Urban Outfitters Spring 2013
  2. All About Me
  3. Cupid’s Arrow
  4. Shoulda Woulda Coulda
  5. Lady Goodman on: Valentine’s Day

In conclusion, February has been quite the roller coaster ride both blog and life-wise, but I don’t mind because with every passing day a new lesson is learned, whether its noticed or not. And I’ve been saying it to myself since last year: “If no one wants to give me a job, I’ll make my own job even if I’m starting below minimum wage”. I hope you had a great February and I wish you an even better March.

2 thoughts on “A Look Back at February 2013

  1. You are so right about February. I began the month filled with hope for my wondrous future in a high paying job. Kaboom! By the end of the month I snapped back to reality and continued to beg around for A job, ANY job! LOL! Good luck to you with your job search! May this month be gazilllion times better than the last! :)

    • Thank you so much for the wishes Amba! I think that things are starting to look up in the job area already. I hope you find a great job and success soon too!! Take care and thanks for commenting.

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