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Dress for Less: Stripes

Stripes are in this year, and not just in a nautical-inspired way (which is always in during the spring/summer seasons) but also in a mod-inspired way. I have to thank Mr. Marc Jacobs for that.  This edition of “Dress for Less” focuses on stripes, especially striped shoes. I think that striped garments are very strong, even if the palette tends to be the black and white combo, so I’m focusing on striped footwear because they’re also statement pieces but people tend to forget them.

Marc-Jacobs-Spring-2013Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 (Images via

As you can see what was once a uniform of prisoners in movies and cartoons has become the uniform of the chic, fashion savvy ladies that can afford apparel and accessories that cost $1,000+ US. The more stripes you have on, the chicer you will look. But in this case, if you’re going the “matchy matchy” way, make sure everything shares the exact same color (like the neutral skirt and flats on the left of the picture above). You can always go with a striped top or bottom only (I have a striped boatneck top and like to wear it with a black pencil skirt). Or can take inspiration from miss Moretz and mix big stripes with small ones as long as they’re the same color.

Chloe-Grace-Moretz-Elle-Style-Awards-2013Chloë Moretz at the Elle Style Awards (Image via

Below are two examples of the stripe trend. Both are shoes, both are pointy, and both look comfortable since the heels aren’t very high, right? Let’s go to the big difference. To your left are the Marc Jacobs Mary Jane striped pony heels which cost $945 US, and to your right are the black and white combination heels from Zara which cost $79.90 US. That’s quite a difference.


So what do you think of the stripe trend? Would you wear it or not? Which is your favorite pair from the picture above? Tell me on the comment section!

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