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Lady Goodman on: Valentine’s Day

I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been busy with my life outside of the blogosphere. School started last week and there’s no Spring Break *gasps*. How dare you, AAU! Anyways, life goes on and I’ll just have to deal with it.

I’ve noticed that in the two plus years I’ve had this blog, I’ve rarely posted as a way to truly express my feelings or thoughts on things other than shoes or apparel. You know, like a diary. Some people tend to blog like this. I’m not a big fan of sharing private things on my blog (or anywhere) because once you share something ANYWHERE on the internet it stops being private (duh!). I’ve had my rants about identical knockoffs (Btw JC did it again this spring, this time with Alexander Wang) and money hungry festival organizers but I don’t write about myself that much.

Ironically some of my favorite posts are the Pinterest posts that I did last year. I used the pins and the fact that the posts were published on Saturdays to look back at the week and reflect on situations that happened during it and motivate whoever read the posts. I stopped doing the posts because I wasn’t pinning very often enough to create a moodboard. I do love Pinterest though. It’s a great place to find/share inspiration and content.

Now let’s change the subject a little. I always get very expressive around February. I think it’s because of the sappyness of the month. Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays due to how it’s more capitalist than Christmas and that it sucks. It’s a Hallmark holiday and some people still don’t accept it. It’s sad that people think that they HAVE to be romantic that day. What about the rest of the year? Do you treat your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/mistress/cabana boy/screw buddy like crap all year except for February 14? Does that make sense? No, right? Then why are you spending money on cards, flowers, teddy bears, and other crap that won’t have any functionality after Vday? Give yourself and your wallet a break.


I think that another big part of the problem is us, women. Yes I said it. WE’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM. We have way too many expectations on a meaningless day. It’s like we want to be swept off of our feet in the morning, get wined, dined, and have a blinding orgasm at 11:59PM sharp to have a happy ending. PLEASE STOP. Just stop (except the orgasm, I’m totally cool with that). So lets do something revolutionary and groundbreaking. It’s a crazy idea but hear me out: lets carry on with our lives and not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

No heart shaped candy (or anything),no flowers, no serenades, no red/pink/white attire, no love songs (or “why did you leave me?!” songs). It’s still a terrible day to eat out, watch movies, have sex at dirty motels, and other lovey dovey activities, so stay in. Invite some friends over and have a dinner party, or a beer/wine tasting, or an orgy with animal sacrifices. Whatever you like! The sky’s the limit!

Best-friends-foreverSource: Your ecards

Some of my favorite and memorable Valentine’s days have been with my friends and single. So don’t feel bad about not having a Valentine. Remember, it’s a day of love AND friendship; never forget “bros before hos”. ALWAYS. And if you’ve ignored everything you’ve read above and will proudly celebrate the day of love with your current love, don’t have expectations. Just …


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