Weekend Look

Weekend Look: In the Navy…

I love looking around the internets for things to put together through the magical tool known as Photoshop instead of the other magical tool known as Polyvore. I remember having two looks done but unfortunately, it seems that almost everything on the image sold out *sad face*.

Changing the subject, the weekend is here and it always gets me excited to think about what to wear for planned or random outings. I found this awesome shirt dress with capped sleeves and sheer sections at Need Supply Co. and decided to style it in a simple yet “springy” way.

Look-Need-Supply-Co-Nasty-Gal-shirt-dress-Jeffrey-Campbell-oxfordImages via Need Supply Co. and Nasty Gal

The star is the Astoria shirt dress in navy (it also comes in Mocha) from Need Supply Co. For footwear I didn’t want to go with neon or nude, so I went with the Jeffrey Campbell Daltrey oxfords in white (which also comes in black and floral) from Nasty Gal. White is having a major moment right now along with oxfords. I think that the menswear shape from the oxford balances out the sheer parts and length of the dress while creating a puzzle-like fit with the dress’ collar, navy color, and capped sleeves.

In the other accessories I was going for gold details and a simple black crossbody bag like the Night Fever bag from Nasty Gal. For the necklace, I really wanted a collar necklace that would serve as the outfit’s statement piece. I think that the Prism Collar necklace fits into the look like a glove. I like all the pieces of this look because they have so much styling potential. You can wear them with various other pieces from your closet due to their colors and sleek silhouettes. The prism collar is the stand out but affordable statement jewelry is a no-brainer.

So what do you think of the outfit? Would you wear it? Any favorite pieces? Tell me below and have a great weekend.

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