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The Week in Pins: May 27 – June 2

It’s finally June! Isn’t it exciting? The temperatures (and hems) rise, if you live by the coast the beach is a weekly (if not daily) destination, water parks start opening, ice cream establishments magically appear on every street, and you can start drinking a little bit earlier than usual on Fridays (Saturdays and Sundays). I love summer, everyone loves summer. You can see it in peoples’ faces, even if they get sweaty earlier and faster (unless you live in California where there’s no humidity). So continuing with last week’s summery theme, this week’s pins of the week are all about summer. Palm trees, bold colors, summer fresh street style, summer hair, big shades, big fruity drinks, and beautiful destinations. So let’s have a great summer.

Images can be found here.

From top left to right:

Palm trees / Easy braid and ombré hair / Ibiza street style

Nicole Richie / Wise advice / Neon sparkle nails

NYC street style / ADR in Mary Katrantzou / Italy

Fishbowl drink

I hope you’re having a great weekend.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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