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A Look Back at January 2013

I’m still in shock when I see that the short but annoyingly sweet month of February is upon us. January has passed by so fast. It’s been a good month though. Blog-wise, it’s been a pretty solid start for 2013. I think that the blog’s makeover was a great idea and has helped a lot, don’t you think?

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Now let’s talk about the month’s posts. In total but not including this post, 14 blog posts were published between January 10 and January 30. Here are the top 10 most viewed posts that were published this month. NOTE: They’re not THE most viewed posts of the month, that’s another top ten.

  1. Weekend Look: Iridescent Garden
  2. Guajataka Downhill 2013
  3. Shoesday: I got Electromanced by Miista…
  4. A Dysfunctional Saturday in Rincon Town
  5. Weekend Look: Simple yet Effective
  6. Metal Mania 2013
  7. Weekend Look: Guajataka Downhill 2013 Edition
  8. Roberto Sánchez Spring/Summer 2013
  9. Lookbook Love: Pop Rocks
  10. W Magazine’s Best Performances

I would like to give a special shout out to the super cool and super nice social media team from Miista. They share all Miista related posts on Facebook and Twitter so a big thank you to them for the traffic. ALSO and most importantly, thank YOU for taking some of your time to visit my little corner on the internet this month (Compared to January 2012, the viewership has increased 82.94%). I really appreciate it. <3

I hope you had a great January and wish you an even greater February. Which was your favorite January post? Tell me below and stay tuned for more posts.

Share your thoughts please.

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