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Shoesday: I got Electromanced by Miista…

If you don’t think that Miista’s latest collection, Electromancer, is amazeballs then there’s something wrong with you. Dreamy prints, hot and cold ombré, multicolored geometric perspex heels,and iridescent leathers are some of the characteristics of this beautiful collection. Below is a gallery featuring some of the lookbook photos with shoes that still haven’t been released. Tell me what you think.

Gorgeous, right? Tara, Shona, and Sue are my favorites from the “Coming Soon” batch. Below is a collage of the shoes that you can already find at Solestruck. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety in the collection. You can find even more colors on the Solestruck website. If you’re from the UK, check out Miista’s website and the entire Electromancer lookbook.


What do you think of Miista’s latest? Tell me below!

Images via Solestruck|Miista

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