Roberto Sanchez Spring/Summer 2013

I love it when I stumble upon great things in the vastness of the internet. This occasion belongs to Mexican designer Roberto Sanchez and his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I’ve been admiring Sanchez’ past work on his website and I love it. Great silhouettes, artsy prints, and a downtown vibe with the right amount of sexy.

His latest collection maintains my description with the addition of bold colored prints, sequins, and some hot pink layering. I love it. T-shirts and wide legged pants with peplum? Yes, please. Patent leather jacket with floral printed front and lapels? Yes! Hi-lo dress with floral printed peplum styled with a white scarf/vest-like hybrid? Why not, it’s gorgeous! And the sleeveless t-shirt/bralet hybrid is so perfect that it would look good with anything for spring.


So yes, I admit that I love the collection and am very happy to see Hispanic designers doing such great things and collaborating with one another (The shoes seen in the photos are from Feminine and Masculine, a Mexican shoe brand that is all types of awesome). What are your thoughts on Roberto Sanchez’ Spring/Summer 2013 collection? Tell me below.

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