A Dysfunctional Saturday in Rincon Town

One of the resolutions for this blog and myself was to get out more, at least once a week, to find/create original content. I’m not the type of girl that likes to go dancing and stuff. I’m more dive bar than dance club. When I go out I prefer to be entertained by way of live music.

I live in the west coast and the Puerto Rican music scene is not bad, just uneven. There’s something that I like to call the Metro Music Bubble, which means that a lot of bands that are from “the city” (San Juan) don’t play at venues along the West (South or East) coast as often as they should (Yes, SHOULD). They stay playing (sometimes every week) at the same venues, on the same days of the week (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) to the same people. Sad, right? Why sad, you ask? This is something that I’ll elaborate in the coming weeks but I’ll leave it at that for now since this post is not about the local music scene but about a band from the local music scene.

The Disfunction is an electro-rock band from Rincón that’s been around since 2008-09. They’re a very talented group of young men trying to do what every band is trying to do: make a living off their music. As the years progressed so have their skills and despite some dramatic shake ups to their line-up in the last two years, they’ve managed to survive. They’re back in Puerto Rico from their two year stint in NYC, but they’re still making noise in charts from websites like The Deli.

Their sound is something that I won’t describe, I’ll leave that up to you (below is a playlist but you can check out more of their songs on their Soundcloud page). Now, their live shows are great. Lots of energy gets exchanged between the crowd and the band (especially their charismatic lead singer who doesn’t stop moving, EVER). They will be performing in the “Bubble” this weekend, at Nuestro Son in Old San Juan. The images above are from their show from last Saturday at Tamboo in Rincón.

If you like what you’ve seen, read, and heard don’t forget to actually LIKE The Disfunction on Facebook.

So what’s the verdict? Tell me below.

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