A Day of Coffee and Fresh Air in Ciales

This past Saturday I took an impromptu road trip on the way to my parents’. I went to a magical place where the “shop local, artisanal everything” gospel associated with San Juan’s young small business owners wasn’t present anywhere. To the bustling and colorful metropolis called Ciales.

I’m kidding on the bustling part though (and the metropolis part too). Ciales is a small town that people in search of cheap beer and food (aka chinchorreo) make a pit stop in to then continue and do the same thing in another town. South of Manatí and up in the mountains, Ciales is a pretty sight.

But this post isn’t about Ciales. I want you to know about the cool coffee museum that’s located here. It looks like Ciales has a lot of landmarks that most people know nothing about and this museum is one of them. It’s small, peaceful and full of pieces from Puerto Rico’s history with coffee.



Even though Puerto Rico makes some damn fine coffee, its industry is highly flawed and it’s been heavily scrutinized by the media in recent months.

Back to the museum. If you’re ever in Ciales, love coffee and are looking for something to do come visit. Here are some things to know:

  • It’s free – Price of admission is $0.
  • You can buy coffee, duh – There are different varieties to choose from. Get the one you want in a 7 ounce bag or a 14 ounce bag. Prices start at $5 for the 7 ounce bag which is the museum’s own brand: Café Don Pello.
  • It has a cute coffee bar and courtyard in the back – Get some fresh coffee and pastries. Breathe in the fresh mountain air mixed with Café Don Pello’s aroma. The café con leche is only $2.


Conclusion: If you love coffee and/or want to learn more about the history and evolution of the Puerto Rican coffee industry go check this place out. You won’t regret it. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday (8AM – 4PM on weekdays, 8AM – 5:30PM on weekends). Check out their Facebook page!

So tell me, how much do you really love coffee?

Share your thoughts please.

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