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Shoesday: Outer Bank on It Sandals from Salt Water

There are few post-shopping feelings as awesome and satisfying as getting something that you’ll wear the crap out off. That means that whatever you spent on it was worth it. This Shoesday is probably one of the most affordable ones I’ve done, if not the most affordable, for now. My focus this Shoesday is the Outer Bank on It sandal from Salt Water Sandals, which are available at Modcloth in an array of colors.

This brand has been around for 60 years, which is awesome and evidence that these people don’t do crappy shoes even if you think that $39.99 is “cheap” or expensive, depending on your budget. From what I read in the product reviews (which are high), the leather sandals can handle anything. They’re multipurpose, need little time to wear them in, and are amazingly comfortable.┬áPersonally, I’m considering getting a pair or two since it’s a perfect go to shoe for any casual outing or trip to the beach.

Outer-Bank-on-it-saltwater-sandals-ModclothImages via Modcloth

If you’re thinking about purchasing: the sandals have UK sizing so be sure to check the size conversion tables and the reviews. So what’s the verdict on these sandals? Yay or nay? Tell me below.

Share your thoughts please.

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