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Dress for Less: Flower Crowns

I like flower crowns. I think that some of them are cute. I think Cult Gaia makes some amazing flower crowns that I would love to buy. Unfortunately, spending $100 on a flower crown is a big no no for someone on a limited budget such as myself, and probably you too.

A lot of people with little to no sense of history think that Lana del Rey was the first person in human history to wear a flower crown. Those people irritate me. Yes, she presented the accessory to a wider audience but women have been rocking flower crowns for decades (Hello! Flower child?). The hippies wore them in the 60s and before that, one of the coolest women in the history of womankind wore flower crowns like nobody’s business. I call her the O.G. but you probably know her as Frida Kahlo.

Frida-Kahlo-Donna-Summer-Flower-crownsFrom your left to right: Donna Summer and Frida Kahlo (Images via 1,2)

Now that you’ve learned something new (and if you already knew then a high five for you!), lets continue to the “dress for less” part before the” flower crowns” part. As I mentioned before, Cult Gaia is too expensive for some people, so I found some very affordable flower crowns to use in the upcoming festivals, outings, trips to the beach, and whatever else you got planned for this spring and summer.

Let’s start with the big flowers:


To your left, Cult Gaia’s beautiful Daza Rose crown from Nasty Gal ($120US); and to your right is a large flower crown head-wrap from Urban Outfitters ($20US) that comes in three more colors. Other than price, you can clearly see a big difference in flower size and quantity between the two pieces. Now on to the little ones…

Small-Flower-CrownsImages via Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters

To your left, Cult Gaia’s Rose Bloom crown available at Nasty Gal ($100US), and to your right is a flower crown head-wrap from Urban Outfitters that comes in two more colors ($16US). As you can see, size is a clearly a big difference along with the quality and “real flower” aesthetic.

So my conclusion to you is: if you can afford Cult Gaia then buy Cult Gaia. And if your disposable income allows you to buy me one, then please do! I’ll be waiting *wink*. Why shouldn’t we you have such beautiful flower crowns, right? But if you can’t afford Cult Gaia, then you have an option that won’t break the bank and offend counterfeit wise (plus the Urban Outfitter crowns are getting good product reviews!). So I guess it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What are your thoughts on flower crowns? Would you wear them or not? Do you have other leads on flower crowns? Tell me below.

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