Music Monday Playlist: Gurlz

My “gurlz” and yours truly circa early 2008.

So we meet again, Monday. I hope you had a super duper weekend. Is it me or is the summer passing by way too fast? Its mid July already, damn it! Last week’s playlist left me pumped. I apologize if it wasn’t to your liking, and if it was, awesome! Let’s go for some beers. If you didn’t like last week’s Music Monday playlist, you might like this one. I named it “Gurlz” because that’s what it’s about. I compiled some of my favorite (and pretty recent) singles from females. I’m picky when it comes to dance or pop music by females. Speaking of females that sing, I don’t understand the hype around Lana del Rey. It seems that everyone that has a cooter and works in the fashion industry has a lady boner for her and her music. It’s funny when they actually defend her against the haters. I could care less. I’ve heard her songs and I don’t find her interesting. Then again my music tastes are more inclined towards “manly” music. This week’s playlist features girls that you might have never heard off (depending on where you’re from). Terry Poison’s from Israel, Peaches and Grimes are from Canada, Ladyhawke is from New Zealand, Robyn is from Sweden, and Azealia Banks is from the United States. So check them out, you might like/learn something.

Have a great day!

Till the next post!! Take care.

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