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Shoesday Tuesday: Messeca’s Kelly Flatforms

This week’s Shoesday Tuesday features the latest acquisition in my shoe collection: the Kelly flatforms from Messeca. Luckily I didn’t spend money to get them and they weren’t a gift. I won the black/neon sandals in a giveaway hosted by the brand on their Instagram profile a few weeks ago. I was very excited since I’ve had my eye on them for months. This is my third pair of Messeca shoes (first was Gavin, then came Maru) and I haven’t purchased any of them at full price. I guess they are my lucky shoe brand.

I really like the Kelly shoes because they are super comfortable. Since they’re flatforms my biggest worry was: Can I walk in them without fear of twisting my ankle? The answer is yes. The lower part is wood and the area where the plant of the foot goes is not plastic, nor slippery. The colored elastic part in the upper area helps a lot in maintaining balance. I think Messeca got it right in covering any aspect that might make the shoe unsuitable for walking. I read the only review in Solestruck and it seems that the person who purchased Kelly saw the sandals and didn’t even bother to put them on and actually walk in them. Another reason why I recommend the Kelly is because they’re not the only pair of flatforms I own. I have another pair from a brand that I won’t mention and they are terrible, overpriced, and low quality shoes. People can talk all the smack they want about Jeffrey Campbell (shoes that I’ve never had a problem with in terms of quality and comfort) but they’ve probably never worn (or heard of) this brand. If you REALLY want to know the name of that terrible brand you can ask me below in the comments. In a more positive note, the Kelly flatforms are great shoes for the current season. They are definitely shoes to wear the crap out of. I have them in black/neon and they’re gorgeous but the black/blue ones seem to be the obvious choice since the blue hides dirt better.

What are your thoughts on the Kelly flatforms? Would you buy them or not? Sound off below. Have a great day!

Till the next post!! Take care.

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