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The Week in Pins: July 8 – 14

Whew! This week was insane from beginning to end. It was hectic and aggressive, I’m happy that I got out of it alive. I found out on Monday that I got accepted to an internship and I had to go to a meeting on Tuesday, same day I had a very important volleyball game. On Thursday I had to go again for my first official day of the internship followed by an even more important volleyball game. On Friday I didn’t even realize that it was Friday until I noticed that it was Friday. I’m banged, bruised, and bruised. I’m happy that I got the internship and upset about volleyball. I hope the team wins next Tuesday. In even better news I got my shoes on Thursday. I participated in a giveaway from Messeca and was the first of five lucky people to win a pair of shoes from the New York brand. I remember waking up and checking my feed, I saw their first instagram pic from the giveaway and was the first to comment. Then I think I went to sleep for a moment. About an hour later I received an email saying that I won. Yay for me! I won the Kelly flatforms in neon. They’re comfortable and easy to walk in for flatforms. I love them.

Enough about me, time for the pins. I didn’t pin a lot this week and it sucks. But I found some great stuff. I didn’t notice until after I created the collage that there’s a pattern to it. The first column has white words on black garments (except for the last one), the second column has colored hair (except for the middle pin), and the third column has something with different shades of orange in it (pants and part of my sandals). If I had to think of a name for it, it would be the following: “Words, color, and the lifelong challenge of living a simple life”. Because when you think about it, the hardest goals to achieve in life are the ones that have something nonphysical as a reward. Even something as simple as a simple life can be one of them. So while you try to live simply or find true love, success or happiness, don’t forget to live in the moment and enjoy what you have now. If there’s anything sure about life (other than death) it’s how unpredictable it can get.

All images can be found here (along with their sources).

So what do you think? How was your week? Are you up for the challenge? Sound off below.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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One thought on “The Week in Pins: July 8 – 14

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