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Shoesday Tuesday: The New Wave of Oxfords

I love this photo of Emma Stone from American Vogue’s July cover story. I feel that it represents a clear manifestation of what’s to come for Fall. Bold, colorful, and abstract prints with sharply tailored garments inspired from menswear. I love how flamboyant it looks, it’s very David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days. Because of this photo I chose to do this Shoesday Tuesday about oxfords. Oxfords have been popping up everywhere and their presence has intensified now that Pre-Fall’s just around the corner. This year oxfords fell prey to the current print and cutout trends and some of the most interesting styles are  fun and feminine  versions of the very manly and proper shoe. The three brands that feature oxfords that I currently love are Rachel Antonoff by Bass, Miista, and Deandri.

 From left to right (All from Rachel Antonoff by Bass): Matilda (polka dots), Maebird (only size 6 left), Matilda (floral).

From left to right (All from Miista): Nita (Burgundy stars), Rula, and Nita (Black).

From left to right (All from Deandri): Charlie in black, pink, and white.

All three groups represent different 2012 trends. Rachel Antonoff by Bass is very girly with cute prints, clear material, and bright colors. Miista’s shoes are inspired by Boy George and all things with a witch vibe. Deandri shoes feature the cutout trend, a refreshing change for feet everywhere.

Will you succumb to the oxford trend or will you take the high road (all heels all the time)? Which oxfords are your favorite? Sound off below.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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