Music Monday Playlist: The Alienator

It’s Monday (Nooooo!). The weekend passed by in an insanely fast manner. Yesterday I amazed myself  when I realized that I didn’t touch my laptop at all since early Saturday. Sunday is the best day to wind down and do absolutely nothing while thinking about absolutely nothing. I watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on Saturday. First time I’ve seen it since going to the movie theater to watch it back in December. I love this movie and can’t wait for the second one which apparently will start shooting in autumn.

On Saturday I also realized that there was a “class of ’05 high school reunion” going on to which I knew nothing about. I wasn’t the only one considering the person who created the event on Facebook. I don’t know if this is just me but if I organize a class of (insert year here) reunion I make sure to contact everyone because it’s a class reunion. You contact the people you like, the people you don’t like, and the people that never talked to you/you never talked to. The only exclusivity accepted on a class reunion is that the people invited are people from the class year. Other than that, there is no exclusivity because there can’t be exclusivity. Back in 2010, there was a reunion party and I believe that everyone was invited but since it was on a Thursday a LOT of people couldn’t attend which is unfortunate. This year it seems that certain people were invited and by certain I mean the group of people that were together a lot of the time and consider themselves to be more popular and important than most people. So I guess that some (most) people from my class haven’t changed much or at all since high school. Pity.

For today I decided to create a playlist and give it a theme. Since high school became a topic I thought of something that happens every day to misunderstood kids everywhere: alienation. The cause of alienation can range from typical discrimination (like sexual orientation) to some really stupid and insignificant shit (like red shoes). I remember back in middle school that one kid about two years my junior called me a whore because I had a red t-shirt on and he said that “only whores wear red”. In present day this kid is a loser who probably sells drugs, has a teenage girlfriend, and whose father’s a pervert that likes to catcall and basically harass women and teenage girls in the local mall *true story*.  Kids can be pretty mean and it sucks but there’s always a source and a reason for their behavior. During my time working as a teacher I saw this happen often. I’m not saying that parents are to blame but I think that they underestimate the amount of influence they have on their children when they are beginning puberty.

I believe that the most alienating music one can listen to while in school is metal. Why? “It’s too loud and you can’t dance to it”. A schoolmate said this to me back in eighth grade. He’s not doing so hot either. Most people think that all metal is satanic and evil. Most people that think this are also stupid, don’t have their priorities straight, and have never heard of Stryper. I started buying CDs (you know, compact discs) when I was in the sixth grade. My first CD was “Follow the Leader” by KoRn. I still have it and I’m not ashamed. Nu-metal was starting to get really big at that time (1998) and already established bands were taking advantage of this by releasing albums or singles (example: Metallica’s “I disappear” for MI2). It was a really lucrative time for the music industry and the beginning of the end since Napster was already around. The last time hard rock and metal had such a strong impact on music was when grunge was around along with Metallica’s infamous black album and Pantera’s uniquely awesome groove metal sound. Back to the alienation topic, the metalheads are probably one of the tightest and oldest communities among music fans, so take that school bullies!

Many years can pass and many things can happen but music, really good music, will manage to stay as fresh as the day it was first released. Here are some of my favorite songs from some of the bands from the thrash metal movement with two songs from one of my favorite “newer” bands: Mudvayne. They’re not thrash metal though; they’re more progressive along the lines of bands like Dillinger Escape Plan. Mudvayne is a great band with one of the greatest bassists (to me) since Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris and Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler. Ryan Martinie is my hero. And I also like Mudvayne because they scared the shit out of people. Enjoy and rock on!

Till the next post!! Take care.

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