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Small Business Saturday: LUCA

I’ve heard about LUCA a few times before but finally got to see their work up close at Timbiriche Design 2014. I was so impressed I bought not 1 but 2 pairs of earrings (and would have bought more). LUCA hasn’t been around very long but their design and craftsmanship has established them as one of the top local brands. Learn more about Laura and her shop/brand LUCA below.


Tell us a brief description of LUCA.

LUCA is a brand, a curated shop and design studio. In our shop we offer a careful curated selection of independent designers both global and local for those with a keen eye for great design. We are also a design studio where we conceptualize and develop objects/products and spaces (residential/commercial).  We are able to explore and produce the majority of the objects we design in our in-house workshop.


What inspired you to start LUCA?

As designers we were always searching for spaces to present and sell our work.  Eventually Roberto and I starting playing with the idea to open our own space. We both had experience in retail and we were freelance designer, so we felt it was the right path for us – the next step.  We decided this space will feature our work and the work of local and international designers. After a few months of research and conceptualizing we went for it and opened LUCA.


How long has LUCA been operating?

LUCA the shop has been in business for two years. LUCA jewelry brand has been in business for approximately 4 years.

Just recently Taller 2×4 and LUCA merged to become LUCA Design/Build Studio.  Taller 2×4 is responsible for designing and building our shop and many others. It was founded my husband, Roberto Sanchez.


How do you curate the things that you offer in your shop?

Curating LUCA is about selecting and arranging objects that together create a narrative, give rise to a response and conveys a message. Hence our motto: Every object has a story to tell.


What do you think makes LUCA stand out above the rest?

To be a shop and brand that stands out above the rest, in times when shops open and close in a blink of an eye, you need to do more than have great products. You need to believe and truly represent the brand’s philosophy and mission. We do just that. LUCA is a reflection of who we are. We truly believe in fewer, better things, in supporting and promoting independent designers, in offering quality versus and quantity, we respect the work follow designer… Our clients know this and continue to support LUCA because they know that in supporting us they are contributing to the design community.


Be sure to visit LUCA if you’re on Puerto Rico. They’re located at 255 Calle de  la Cruz in Old San Juan (in front of The Red Monkey). Also check them out online on their website, on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

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