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Create + Cultivate: Dallas

The cool gals from Create & Cultivate celebrated their latest conference this past weekend (last one of January) in Dallas, Texas. I was super pumped for it since it was announced and immediately started saving up for it. I had just gotten back from my trip to Texas and was already planning the next one. A lot of saving up and planning went into this trip, even though they never go according to plan, which is always fun.

My favorite corner from the Firehouse Hostel in Austin.

I even managed to sneak one night in Austin since it was cheaper to fly San Juan > Dallas (layover) > Austin for 1 night > Dallas > San Juan than SJU > DFW > SJU. Weird, right? I didn’t mind, I LOVE Austin.
So back to C+C. I was pretty excited since I’ve never been to a conference.

At first I was impressed. There were so many people and it was so cold. I’m from the tropics so 40/50 degree weather is COLD. I couldn’t wait to have a warm cup of coffee in my hand. The food was great and there was always something to nibble on.
The panels were ok but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I completely understand this since the conference hasn’t been around that long, the C+C team is still pretty young and assistance has grown fast (Dallas was their biggest conference yet). This year they’re planning on doing 2 more conferences (the second city will be announced on February 15 so stay tuned to their Instagram if you’re planning on going). I hope they read the attendees’ feedback and use them to make upcoming events better. Overall I had a good time, learned a bit, got inspired and will see what they’ll be up to for the next one.

Check out the video Create & Cultivate did on the event. You can see me at the 1:34 mark… I think.

Did you attend Create & Cultivate? Tell me below!

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