Dream a Little (Bag) Dream

As you know, highly feminine fashion is in. Along with this new trend come handbags of sizes so small that you might get stressed out thinking what to bring or not to bring to whatever engagement you might have. Lipstick? Deodorant? Altoids? Tampon? Taser? Decisions, decisions. I’ll help you decide what to take later, but first let’s dream a little. I’ve been perusing the world wide web, looking for beautiful mini handbags to look (and sigh) at, until I found a group of handbags so beautiful yet so expensive, that someone like me can only dream of buying and later walking around showing off such exquisite pieces with a small string orchestra following my every move. So here’s my spring “Dream a little dream” top five lil’ handbags:

The Row python shoulder bag

Versace small studded leather shoulder bag

Valentino studded mini leather shoulder bag

Dolce & Gabanna crocheted shoulder bag

And last but not least (also my personal favorite)…

Gucci tigrette suede shoulder bag

Now what can I fit into these kind of bags? In these cases it’s more about what’s absolutely necessary. This is what I put inside my little handbag on a night (or day) out:

Blotting linens

Lipstick or tinted lip balm

Mints or Gum

Cell phone

Coin purse or small wallet (for the cash and ID)

Roll on or pressed powder fragrance

So what are your thoughts on those orgasmic mini bags? They’re to die for, right? Which one’s your favorite?

Do you carry some of these necessities in your handbag? Sound off below.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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