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Small Business Saturday is an effort that was founded 6 years ago “in response to small business owners’ most pressing need – getting more customers during the busy holiday shopping season”. Fortunately SBS has been consistently growing in customers which is something that directly helps the economy and directly helps our communities. My main problem with Small Business Saturday is how it’s just promoted as one day out of the whole year.

Why can’t it be more aggressive year-round? Let me clear up that small businesses aren’t just boutiques, vintage stores and gift shops. Restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacies, spas, gyms, bakeries, taverns, cocktail bars, food trucks and so much more are also considered small businesses. All of these businesses’ revenues don’t compare to mega companies that slowly (or quickly) swarm on unsuspecting communities like locusts on crops. Less than half of the revenue that these mega companies make is reinvested in the communities that consume from them. That’s nothing in comparison to the 68% that comes from small businesses’ revenue (I think that Puerto Rico is pretty close to this number too).

Since the holiday shopping season has officially begun I’ve decided to cover a different small business from Puerto Rico (For now but I would like to expand to small online businesses too. We are living in a digital world after all.) every Saturday to show you the unique options that you probably didn’t know you had when it comes to gifting loved ones and your personal style. There are a lot of very special stores out there with unique products and services to offer. And it doesn’t have to be the holidays to shop at these places either. So stay tuned for the opening post (and shop) of Lady Goodman’s Small Business Saturday Series. Meanwhile check out this brief info-graphic on the big impact of small businesses courtesy of cloud accounting and invoicing provider


Got something to add to the data above? Have a favorite small business that you would like to see on the blog? Share it below!

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