A Night of Art and Interesting Characters in Rio Piedras

On the last Thursday of the month, Rio Piedras, a district of San Juan, celebrates Jueves de Rio Piedras. Live music is heard on the small parks and streets of this eccentric part of San Juan.

I’ve never been so I decided to go to October’s edition since two special Halloween themed exhibits were going to be taking place just steps of each other. I’ve been going to a lot of art events lately so I can constantly be exposed by different colors and concepts presented by local artists.

The exhibits are Seance at Mondo Bizarro, a local comic book shop/cafe and Trick or Treat: Expo Hallowideña at Taller Secreto, a space that organizes some great exhibits with local artists.

Seance was a small exhibit with some great work but I came for Taller Secreto and I was very impressed once I went in the space…



The artists featured were: Abner Cardona, Alfredo Richner, CJ Román, Curvvy Shapes, Fisu, Gabriela Maraver, Gerardo Segarra, Iris Yadira Rivera, Ivia Pantoja, Jonathan Rodríguez, Lyanne Febo, Marian Clem, Mariángela Sierra, Natasha Bree Laracuente, Naya, Pedro Vargas, Ravia, Ricardo Sánchez, Rosairi Reyes, Sergio Vázquez, Soda Pop Cómics y Uziel E. Orlandi Alegría. 

As you can see, some of these pumpkins  (and work) are amazing. It served as a special way to start Halloween weekend. So what do you think of the work above? Tell me on the comments! 

Share your thoughts please.

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