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Disco dancing into Oblivion

Confession: I love Grimes. To me she’s one of the most creative and complete artists around. So naturally, when I see something Grimes related I go nuts and her Dazed & Confused spread is no exception.

I mean look at that cover. And that hair!

Farrah Fawcett would be proud (I hope).


Another hair win over here with a nude Louis Vuitton jumpsuit from their Resort 2016 collection.


Beautiful indeed, especially when Louis Vuitton is on your side.

Grimes looking fashionably grimy.

So what are your thoughts on the spread? Love it? Hate it? Grossed out by some armpit hair? Tell below, I want to know.

[Photos via Dazed & Confused Fashion on Instagram. Follow them: @dazedfashion but first follow me: @ladygoodmanblog.]

Share your thoughts please.

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