Labor-less Weekend

Labor Day weekend has come and gone while taking the Summer with it (ALTHOUGH Summer is officially over on September 23). The memories are what remain from the long, eventful days and the short, even more eventful nights that this past Summer has given us. Here are some bits and pieces from my laborless weekend.

My uniform: Top from RVCA & Bottom from Victoria’s Secret Swim

Because of work I didn’t have long weekends this Summer, so Labor Day weekend was my chance to escape the city and get up to date with hometown area happenings while relaxing at home. I also took some time to do research for my upcoming adventures that you will soon know about.

My (not so) secret spot

I’ve come to the conclusion that in this day and age, 3 day weekends should be necessary every now and then. I’m pretty sure you agree. Below a little video I made on Sunday.

New memories tend to become new stories to tell, so the question is: will you share your summer stories or will you laugh by yourself whenever those memories cross your mind? I know I do.

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