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P.W. Updates and a Weekend Warm-up

Recent Updates

In the last few weeks I’ve been reflecting and thinking about the blog and how I can make it better. I’ve also been thinking that most of the images shown in the blog aren’t mine but I always like to give the source since it’s important to do so. One of my main goals in this blog is to use more original content, and by original I mean my own pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the best camera and can’t afford a DSLR for now. But I try my best with what I got when it comes to taking pictures and editing them. Another goal is social media. I think it sucks when you follow a brand, website, or a blogger on various social media platforms and they all show the exact same thing in each of their platforms. It’s terrible and I’ve unliked or unfollowed some because of this. I’ve decided that it’s best to create unique content for each of the blog’s social media profiles. The only thing that they will share is when a post is published and MAYBE some Instagram photos but everything else is going to be different. I removed applications and if you follow me on Twitter you won’t be seeing tweets that come from Facebook or Tumblr. Currently the blog has profiles on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is (obviously) just for blog posts. The rest of the profiles will have varied content. I’m doing this to not bore you or saturate your brain with the same content wherever you go in the case that you follow all of the blog’s social media profiles (I hate that and you probably hate it too). If you’re not following all of them, then this would be a good time to DO IT *wink*. It’s hard work but it’s not impossible and it’s something that I like to do. I’ve noticed that the strategy is working great on Facebook and Tumblr since the interactions have been growing. Ironically Twitter has become the problem zone and it’s the profile with the most followers. I think that you will be seeing more Instagram updates on Twitter than on the other platforms.

It’s Friday! Woot!

TGIF. I hope you didn’t party yourself out last Tuesday and Wednesday because the weekend is finally here. If you did party out early, then you’ll probably be sleeping this weekend. If not then have fun! To warm you up for your weekend outings I found this awesome video created by some very cool people from Spain. The YouTube channel is called Producciones Barrocas. It’s really funny and a little crazy. It’s a series called “El Piso” and the episode is called “Noche de Fiesta”. It’s in Spanish and there’s a lot of slang so even if you do understand the language it can get a little complicated unless you’re from Spain and know your regional slang. I managed to understand most of it and I was hooked. I’ve heard that the party scene in Spain is pretty crazy and if it’s anything like this I really (REALLY) want to go. Warning: there’s boobies, simulated drug use, strong language, and other interesting things featured so it’s NSFW. Enjoy!

What do you think of the video? Got any favorite quotes? Sound off below.

Till the next post!! Take care.

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