7 A/W 2012 Ads to Admire

It’s June (in case you’ve been living under a rock), almost July, and the last thing on our minds (at least most of us) is “what am I going to wear come September?” Everybody and their mother have released their A/W 2012 campaign ads and I’m kind of excited. Pre-Fall collections are already for sale and you can already pre-order Fall 2012 garments if you’ve got the moolah. The menswear designers have presented their Spring 2013 collections and some womenswear designers even presented Pre-Spring 2013. Resort is a thing of the past (already?). Fashion moves as such a fast pace that it becomes quite dizzying and all we can do is hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

To get the creative juices flowing for the sartorial missions of the coming months, I browsed some ads and here are my favorites:



Marc Jacobs


Louis Vuitton

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Emporio Armani

Which one’s your favorite? Sound off below.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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