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Lazy Days and Hump Days

I apologize for the lack of posts these past few days. I’ve been running errands and the Sunday road trip wasn’t for recreation. Saturday’s was great though. Yesterday I was supposed to publish a “Shoesday Tuesday” post but I didn’t have the chance to do so. I decided to sorta, kinda, maybe do it today but with a bonus. An outfit inspiration for those days that you have no motivation to dress up. If it weren’t illegal you’d be naked and not give a damn. Lazy days: we all have them. We feel uninspired and blah. These days tend to be t-shirt and denim days. Denim shorts if you’re motivated and unlazy enough to shave your legs. I’m going to focus on shorts since it’s summer and we all need to show off our pale and hairy legs more often.

When I have a blah day I thank Mankind for shoes. Why? Because awesome shoes turn a t-shirt and denim outfit into an awesome t-shirt and denim outfit. Once you walk out the door, everyone starts looking at your shoes (hope you got a pedi!) and saying how awesome they are and ask “Where did you get them?”. Story of my daily life, and maybe the story of your life too. I’ve mentioned before that shoes are worthy of splurges depending on your budget. I don’t splurge on tops because I love t-shirts and to me splurging on bottoms means spending fifty dollars. But shoes are a very different story. I seem to be blessed with the gift of special sales being attracted to me. And I don’t mind. If it’s not on sale but still on my budget I’ll go for it. If it’s out of my budget, I’ll set it free. If it comes back on sale, then it’s meant to be. Enough BS, let’s talk about the outfits. I created a t-shirt/denim/statement shoe mix and match just for you. The great thing about this mix and match is that you won’t look boring wearing any of these items and people won’t notice that you’re actually having a lazy day. Boom!


 Images: NOWAY, PacSun, Solestruck

T-shirts (From left to right): Year Of Dragon, Hexagon, Optical (All from NOWAY)

Shorts (From left to right): Cheap Monday, Bullhead Black, Vans

Shoes (From left to right): Jeffrey Campbell’s Stinger Spike, Messeca’s Maru, Matiko’s Abba

The t-shirts are from an up and coming Italian brand called NOWAY. They’re pretty awesome and the designs on the t-shirts are handmade silkscreen prints. Why are the shorts from PacSun? I trust their denim enough to wear it almost every day. PacSun sells some great, long lasting denim at great prices. Right now selected shorts are on sale for $19.99 and no, PacSun didn’t pay me for this. The shoes are big, statement making, comfortable (remember Coco’s quote), and work with everything here. I’ve had a crush on Maru for a while, she’s sooo hot. That is all.

What are your thoughts on the mix and match? What would you add to it? Sound off below!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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