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The Week in Pins: June 3 – 9

This past week has been major one for the blog. Pink Wedges got some great exposure and I’m very proud of myself for this. I’m also very thankful for the readers. Since April the readership has grown in a ridiculously big way. So I thank you for taking some of your time to browse around, read, check out the images, and even comment on my little corner in the world wide web.

Summer continues its presence on this week’s pins. I call it “Bold, blue, and peeking into the future”. Two of the pins are some of the items in store for resort 2013: the white Calvin Klein flatforms (I’m in love!) and a futuristic PS 11 that Charlize Theron would have used on “Prometheus” if given the chance. I still haven’t seen the flick so please don’t comment about the movie below. I’ve managed to restrain myself from reading the plot on Wikipedia and that says a lot of how badly I want to see it. Okay, I’ll stop now. Carry on.

Images from my Pinterest boards.

From left to right (top):

Beauty and accessory inspiration from Flare magazine /We Are Handsome swimwear / CK flatforms (Resort 2013)

Sunday outings / Bold street style / Tahiti / Summer street style

Empty pool / PS 11  / Wire hangers that might make Joan Crawford happy

In other summer news, it’s HOT in here! It’s been 90 plus this whole week, and since it’s the tropics, the humidity is insane. The beach has stopped calling and started screaming my name. I better get out there before I go deaf or melt. So how’s June been treating you so far? What trends have you been rocking in your town? Tell me below!

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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