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Shoesday Tuesday: Miista’s Andrea Cutout Bootie

Image source: Nasty Gal

Navajo and other Indian inspired prints have been a trend since last spring, but this time around their presence has grown considerably. I’m a big fan of this print but out of all the interesting garments out there, one of them stole my heart from the moment I first laid eyes on it: Andrea. No, it’s not a Native American girl with a Caucasian name; it’s a bootie… a cutout bootie. RAWR. Ironically this awesome shoe was created overseas, by a British up and coming shoe brand called Miista. I’ve fallen hard for this shoe (and the brand) and it falls in the category of “shoe to wear the crap out of”. Why? Well why not? It’s a camel colored leather cutout bootie with a Navajo print and a thick, less than four inch high heel with a comfortable inclination. Translation: No pain and on trend. The color makes it perfect to wear with just about anything ranging from skinnies and cropped shorts to maxi or midi or mini dresses. The only thing slightly wrong about this shoe is the price tag but it’s not as high as other shoes “of the moment” and with some smart saving it can be purchased. Below I’ve created an outfit set inspired by this shoe of my dreams. All items are from Nasty Gal. Why? Because I love the website and Nasty Gals (obviously) do it better.

Inspired by Miista's Andrea Cutout Bootie

What are your thoughts on Andrea? Yay or nay? How about the outfit? Do you create your outfits based on your shoes? Tell me on the comments section!!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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