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Ultra Slim Shady

An interesting trend that’s been going strong this season is the tiny frame sunglasses, especially if it’s a cat eye frame. Beyoncé has them, Rihanna too. I don’t find them too functional since sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes (And the skin around them) but they do look good. Remember to have a hat around if you’re going to be out and about on a sunny day. Also, you can find some great pieces at super affordable prices. Check out some of them below!


George Keburia Sunglasses in Red | $200 | Need Supply Co.


The Last Lolita in Crystal Hot Pink from Adam Selma x Le Specs | $119 | Need Supply Co.  


George Keburia Sunglasses in Pearl White| $200 | Need Supply Co.


Vintage Virginia Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses  | $18 | Urban Outfitters

So, what are your thoughts on this trend? Tell me below on the comments!

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