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On today’s Daily Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

In September of 2010 I named this blog Pink Wedges for absolutely no reason. I just needed a name for the blog, it was supposed to be about fashion (and a little music), and pink wedges are shoes, so there. I was never satisfied with this name and spent most of 2012 thinking about giving the blog a makeover and getting rid of Pink Wedges in exchange for something that I could truly identify with in some way, any way.

Then one day (or night, I can’t remember) I was watching “Almost Famous”. I’m a big fan of the film, never get tired of watching it. So I was watching the scene where Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) and William (Patrick Fugit) were walking around Central Park post-Penny’s suicide attempt. In this scene Penny Lane tells William her real name and why she was named Lady (“My mother wanted me to marry a gentleman, so she named me Lady, Lady Goodman”). I think that’s how the quote goes, correct me if I’m wrong on the comments.

After watching the film I started thinking about names for the blog and Lady Goodman magically appeared in my mind. It was the only one that stuck. You’re probably asking “What does it mean to you?”. Well, I identify with the character because I’ve been involved with musicians for years. But I’m not a groupie, I’m closer to being a band aid (PLUS I was in a actual relationship). This is where you ask: “But what’s the difference?”

This subject has actually been debated for years, which is awesome, but here are my thoughts on it. The all knowing Wikipedia defines groupie as “a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity or public figure”. Groupies don’t know or like the music, they just want to screw someone famous and have a story to tell. Groupies brag A LOT. They’re sluts and hot messes. Band aids on the other hand, DO like and know the music. They’re fans and appreciate the band. They have more class than the groupies and way more self respect. They don’t dress overtly sexy and actually have a personality. People like being around them for reasons other than boning.

Contrary to the commentary on the video below, band aids also sleep with musicians. That’s the only constant between band aids and groupies.

“It’s all happening!”

So there it is. Think what you want about it (and me). I defend myself by stating that I’ve never been with a person just to say that I was. I remember one particular occasion about 3, maybe 4 years ago, when a very attractive local celebrity (who shall not be named) wanted to hook up with me. He actually stayed over at my apartment and everything but I just wasn’t interested. I guess he thought that since he’s “famous” that I was going to throw myself at him, tsk. That’s not “how I roll”.

I leave you with a song from the “Almost Famous” soundtrack which is perfect for February’s vibes and the subject discussed above.

Love comes and goes,

everybody knows,

there ain’t no such thing as an everlasting love.

10 thoughts on “All About Me

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  2. The ‘real Lady Goodman’ is my sister, ‘Lady Goodman’!!
    Cameron Crowe developed this character after her. You can hear this from him on the unedited version of the movie, where he is talking during the film.


    • May the real Lady Goodman rest in peace- sorry Cameron Crow did not find the time to get in touch with her in her final months!

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