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Shoesday Tuesday Double Feature

This week’s Shoesday Tuesday is a double feature. My main focus is summer and finding shoes perfect for the season. I’m a bitch when it comes to shoes. I love height and comfort. I’m like an architect looking at shoe inclination because I actually want to walk in the shoes I buy and wear them without regret or pain in my mind. I found two options. I love them both and they’re not ridiculously expensive.

Image: Solestruck

The first pair is Sam Edelman’s Sophie sandal in persimmon natural. Neutral sandals go with just about anything and the persimmon shade is perfect for the summer palette. It’s not completely flat but it has a comfortable inclination so you can walk long distances with them without crying. These are definitely shoes to wear the crap out of.

Image: Solestruck

Option número dos is for us who like to look down on people (or at least try) no matter the time of day. The Mara platform from DV8 by Dolce Vita in coral suede represents all that is bold, high, and awesome at a pretty decent price. It has the power to turn a simple outfit into a funky one. It has a 4 ¾” heel and a 2 ½” platform, AND there is little inclination so these babies are ridiculously comfortable. Another shoe to wear the crap out of, don’t you think?

I repeat: I freaking love them both. They’re great for walking and are a great day to night options. When it comes to shoes it’s always good to spend a little bit more. Remember, we are always on the move thanks to our feet and comfort is important. What good is to buy a trendy $20 shoe if you’re taking them off because they hurt? The same goes for a $500 pair of awesome yet uncomfortable heels. Coco Chanel quote alert: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. So I brand these babes affordable luxury. What are your thoughts on these summer shoes? Would buy them or not? Sound off below!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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