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Shoesday Tuesday: Cheap Monday’s Point Net

For this week’s post I managed to find another perfect shoe for summer and much more affordable than last week’s shoe. This shoe has been causing some commotion online and the variety and low price only add up to it. It’s a mesh flat from Cheap Monday. This brand is very popular among fashionistas due to being edgy yet affordable. Cheap Monday is another of the Swedish brands that will end up ruling the fashion world sooner or later. I’m telling you now: Stockholm will be one of the major fashion capitals in a few years if this keeps happening. I don’t mind, these people know their shit. This flat comes in four different colors: green, orange, blue, and black. Personally I would get the orange or the green, but if you want to play it safe get the black or the blue. But remember, its summer and neon is in. Just sayin’. From what I read on the websites, the shoes run big, so size down if you’re going to purchase. I always email customer service, just to be sure. That’s what they’re for, right? This flat also falls in the category of “shoe to wear the crap out of” due to the fact that it’s a flat and it’s made with mesh (big fabric this season).


Get them here or here. Orange and black on sale here and here.

So what do think? Will you take the plunge and buy it or just admire it from your computer screen? Tell me below!

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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