West Fashion Week F/W 2012: Nóveles

Finally, after a day (or two) of editing and choosing photos I’m done. This is my third West Fashion Week and I have to say that my first WFW, which was the SS 2011 edition, is still the best one of the three. I’m gonna put this F/W 2012 edition in second place. One of the things that always get my attention in this event is the new talent. For this edition I can say that the new talent seems to be more passionate (and are more talented) about what they’re doing than the older, more established designers. Maybe this is because they’re designing smaller collections and they’re more focused on doing an all around better job. Whatever it may be, the Friday up and comers or “nóveles” did an excellent job presenting their garments.

On Friday, four up and coming designers presented their capsule collections: Ana María Mariana, Orlando Figueroa, Cathy Sepúlveda, and Janice Emilia. All very young and also very creative. I chose four favorite looks from each designer. I apologize for the quality of the pictures. My camera is a Sony Cyber Shot bought in 2007. I’m lucky that it still works.

Ana María Mariana: Hope Collection

Likes: Bold colors and prints combined with dark yet neutral tones.

Dislikes: Clothes looked big on some models and some of the styling was questionable.

Orlando Figueroa: Aqualuz Collection

Likes: Simple shapes with great fabrics.

Dislikes: None I can immediately think of, except maybe the lack of belts.

Cathy Sepúlveda: Techno City Collection

Likes: Ballsy, futuristic/mod style garments.

Dislikes: Questionable styling and choice of footwear.

Janice Emilia: Caravels Collection

Likes: Simple shapes with great colors and fabrics. Janice Emilia was the ONLY designer keeping up with international Fall trends with her gorgeous representation of peplum in some of her garments. Also those bohemian tassel scarves are dope!

Dislikes: Choice of footwear on some, not all, of the models.

In general I think the majority of the garments that were presented look great. Other than the styling and footwear problems, AND that the event began super late (hour plus,as always) this specific part of the night was probably my favorite. This is just the first of the WFW posts. I’ll go into more details from the other designers and the event in general on the next one.

So, what are your thoughts on these garments? Would you buy them? Sound off below.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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2 thoughts on “West Fashion Week F/W 2012: Nóveles

  1. wow, i am beyond jealous! i love your footnotes (“likes”) at the end, because sometimes runway fashion can be a lot to digest, and it’s hard for people who do not follow fashion closely to understand the message the designer is conveying, and what each collection represents. Simple shapes, great fabrics – isn’t this always a winner? my personal favorite look is from the Janice Emilia: Caravels Collection, the brown mini with the boots. to die for. xoxo

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