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The Week in Pins: April 15 – 21

This past week has been a stressful one. I’ve had lot of schoolwork (And with West Fashion Week also in the mix) so my mind has been (Reality: still is) a little crazy this past week. I still had a pretty good week and on Thursday I visited two of my closest and greatest friends down in Mayaguez. I lived in Mayaguez for five years and these two gals were there for me when no one (not even my parents) else was. It was great to see them and personally (I HATE Facebook chatting) talk/listen to them for three hours. Hopefully we’ll hang out during the summer (The beach is calling my name). Enough about me, let’s go to this week’s pin collage. Although I didn’t pin a lot this week, the pins are still quite inspiring. The Joe Manganiello pin got A LOT of attention (Hmm…I wonder why?) *LOL *. Two of the images are Instagram pics from yours truly, can you guess which ones? My Instagram username is pinkwedges, so search and follow me, please. Hope the pins inspire you as they have inspired me. Don’t stare at the Joe pin too long, and if you do be sure to wear a bib.

All images are from my Pinterest profile.

So what do you think about that Joe pin? How was your week? Sound off below and have a great Saturday.

Till the next post guys!! Take care.

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