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All You need is One…

“One what?” you ask. I’ll answer it after this.

Well spring is finally almost here if you’re from the colder (Northern Hemisphere) areas of the Earth. I don’t have to worry about the cold weather because cold weather here in Puerto Rico is the same as air conditioner temperatures. Enough about the weather, let’s talk fashion. If you’re an avid magazine reader, like myself, you’ve noticed all the spring trend craziness that is practically upon us. In the American Vogue March issue, or as I like to call it “the September issue’s less chubby and hotter sister”, you can appreciate all the amazing spring trends by way of high end, ridiculously expensive, “only way I’ll have something like this is by losing my apartment and not eating” garments. Still, just because you can’t buy it doesn’t mean you can have something similar and way cheaper than this. Thank the fashion cycle conscious gods that are merciful of us poor, middle class, humble consumers and create adaptations of such wondrous pieces. Knock off? I think not, adaptation is a much nicer term for affordable products.

And this brings me to answer the question that has (hopefully) been on your mind for the small period of time it has taken you to read this post all the way to this. All you need is one piece *gasp*. One garment that will make your outfit pop and scream spring to everyone around you until their ears bleed, and I mean EVERYONE. Loudness is a big deal this spring, so the louder the better.

I’ve created a small list of pieces that you can buy to make your outfit pop, or you can buy them all and use them together.

The Shirt

Artisan de Luxe sleeveless denim shirt

Thanks to the 90s revival trend denim everything is still relevant so make the best of it. This one isn’t loud, it’s bad ass light, and that’s not bad.

The Skirt

 Kari Maxi Skirt from Cheap Monday

Tangerine is in! I recommend using neutral accessories and colorblocking with this skirt.

The Pants

Ankle length, black floral trousers from H & M.(Left pair, right pair)

Printed pants are HUGE this year and these It pants are actually affordable. Hooray for your wallet!

The Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell for Pixie Market Daul Floral Shoes

Lucite shoes are a girl’s best friend this spring.

The “I don’t what to wear!” piece or problem solver

ASOS Jumpsuit with Rope Tie

The perfect elegant yet affordable garment to wear in case of last minute emergencies like a sudden outing, a date or not having anything clean to wear. Blue is a big color this spring while the seventies trend is alive and well.

The Weekender

Vera Bradley Weekender Bag

Great weather means frequent escapades and this stylish bag is a good option for weekend wardrobe.

The Statement Bag 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bob’s Memphis Colorblocked Top Handle Satchel

The perfect bag not just for spring, but for 2012. Bold colors are still gonna be around for fall.

So which one’s your favorite? Tell me, I need to know. Got any recommendations? Sound off below!

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